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Why are we different from other nulled sites? – Must Read

Why we are different

Many site owners are unaware of the risks of using the nulled plugins. Most people think that nulled plugins and themes contain backdoors and other malware that distribute Search Engine Optimization spam, perform attacks on other websites, steal essential information and connect the site visitors to malware websites. All of these factors can ruin your website’s reputation. 

But that only happens when you download the nulled themes and plugins from an unsafe and unauthorized site. We make our null themes and plugins that are fully safe and secure. So you don’t have to bear any problems further on your website site.

I’ll tell you why and how our nulled sites are different and safe from other sites. So let’s read more about our nulled site.

What is nulled theme plugin?

A nulled plugin is a premium plugin that provides a few degrees of premium functions without paying for a license. Nulled plugins hold on to the same brand name and logo as the original, creating the impression that the customer is getting a paid version of the original plugin. When the customer checks the support request with the original vendor, they search for the vendor and have no idea who they are. 

Most of the nulled sites give you free null plugins and themes that can damage your website. You should install your null plugins from trusted and reputed null sites. 

Many premium plugins, including, include Saas functionality. It means that the nulledthemesplugins premium features including the real-time IP Blocklist, quick firewall rule updates or update malware signatures, can’t be made available to a nulled plugin since they depend on having a valid Nulledthemesplugins license to send the data to your site. 

How are we different from other nulled sites?

We are different from other nulled sites in many factors. We create our own site using our coding that is not responsive to any malware. The main thing is that we are not dependent on any third-party site, we don’t download the null themes and plugins from third parties. 

Remember that by Downloading and installing free nulled themes or plugins from third-party sites then you are giving that plugin complete control on your website. But you can trust our site completely because it doesn’t control your WordPress site or steal your data and information. 

Our nulled plugin doesn’t fail to deliver the premium features they appear to provide and they offer good functions on the WordPress plugin directory. 

This is true that any plugins and themes distributed through the WordPress directory are checked for malicious code, while those distributed by nulled sites, on forums, and in social media groups are not.

How safe you are when using our null themes plugins

You are completely safe using our null theme plugin in many ways like:


Our null theme or plugin is not dangerous at all. They will not share your information or data and control your website.

We are putting our own code in the null theme plugin so it won’t create any problem for your website reputation.


Although, Nulled theme and plugin have different kinds of malware code hidden inside. That can steal your data and make it available to hackers. Most third-party sites have malicious themes and plugins. 

As I mentioned above we don’t use any kind of malicious code. So you can trust our site. We keep your information private. 

Best for SEO

I agree that there are so many providers of these themes and plugins and you may experiences that these null plugins are bad for SEO but our null theme and plugin are different. It doesn’t cause any trouble for the SEO of the website. 

Our null theme plugin doesn’t connect to bad websites or doesn’t add any spam links to your website. If any spam links are about to be added to your website they will detect immediately. 

No update issue:

It is said that null themes or plugins can’t be updated because they don’t have a valid license key. while other WordPress themes or plugins are regularly updated to avoid bugs and errors. 

But our null theme plugin will still be compatible with the latest changes. It will not affect your website or misbehave with your website.

Legal issues:

Many WordPress themes or plugins are sold with a license and many themes or plugins are open sources. 

Our null theme or plugin’s code is protected by copyright laws so it is not illegal to use as we create ourselves.

Don’t use alternatives:

If you use a null theme or plugin that is not reputed or a third party, there is always more than one free alternative available. 

If you use null themes or plugins from a trusted or repeated site then you don’t have to face any cause on your website. 

For WordPress themes, take a look at our Nulled Themes Plugins they are as good as other premium themes.

Why Nulled Themes Plugins for nulled themes, templates, and plugins

I think you already know why. As I mentioned earlier we are not dependent on any other source or third parties to provide you with these nulled themes and plugins but we redesign all of them. 

We manually check each and every themes plugin that we arrange for you and remove any unwanted code, or suspicious links on our own so you can get a 100% safe and secure themes plugin to design your website without any worry.

Final Thoughts:

On our Nulledthemesplugins you will get the best null themes or plugins that are safe to use on your website. As I mentioned above, With our themes and plugins you don’t have to worry about anything. If you ever face any issue in the future, we always got your back and provide full support for anything you have encountered.

If you are still doubtful about using our sites to download nulled themes plugins the free to contact us or write your query in our comment section. We will give you a complete solution for all your queries.

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